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Our Productions

Youthful Energy, Global Reach

Driven by the vibrant energy of youth and the spirit of renewal, we delve into crafting films and commercials that go beyond storytelling to forge meaningful connections.

Our innovative commercial strategy places us at the heart of international co-productions, where we merge unique talents and visions to realize projects that are both captivating and unifying.

Every project is an adventure, each production a journey towards the unprecedented.

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Constance Powis

Constance Powis



BE: +32 492 63 40 56

US: +1 424 768 0437



English - French - Dutch


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Behind the Scenes

A Junior Producer

After two formative years in Los Angeles, where she collaborated with experienced producers and studied production at UCLA Extension, she gained valuable experience participating in several short films and producing commercials for Studio Supreme.

Currently, she is developing two feature films in international co-production. Active within the Belgian Chamber of Commerce "Belwest" in Los Angeles, Constance is passionate about strengthening ties between Hollywood and Europe, and organizes events dedicated to this goal.

At im'act Production, her vision is to create stories that unite and inspire across borders.



Los Angeles

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